Are there any restrictions on where I can use my card?

The Pure Energy Card can only be spent with energy or utility providers including gas, electricity and water providers. If you try to spend on your card for any other reason then the transaction will be declined. If your card is declined in a location where you believe it should be accepted, please contact us for more information. The pure energy card can not be used to pay council tax.

You can only spend your card online or over the phone, it can not be used in any physical locations, including paypoint. If you have a prepayment meter and usually pay via paypoint, as long as you have a smart meter installed, you can pay direct to your supplier. 

You can't use your card to withdraw cash, obtain cashback or foreign currency, or to pay at any kind of automated payment machine (such as CAT terminals, pay@pump, tolls, and car park or train ticket machines). The pure energy card can not be used to pay council tax. You also cannot use your card for subscriptions, automated periodic payments or gambling; or for obtaining illegal goods or services.

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