ID Verification Step by Step Guide

If you are required to provide additional ID verification, you will be asked to upload an image after you have completed the registration. You will also be sent an email containing a unique link that brings you back to this point of the journey.

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Why do you have to verify identity? It is a requirement under the anti-money laundering legislations within the UK for us to ensure that we verify all cardholders identities.
Select the ID you wish to use. Currently you can use passport or drivers license. Whatever document you use must be valid.

When you select the file, you will see the options to provide your ID. If you’re on a computer, you will see a window pop-up allowing you to select the image from your files. However, if you’re on a mobile you’ll also have the ability to take a new photo as well as upload an existing image.


Make sure you are using a supported browner, otherwise the image upload may not work.

  • On Desktop – Microsoft Edge 16 +, Chrome 67.0+ and Firefox 53 +
  • Apple devices – Safari/iOS 11.2 + only
  • Android Devices – Chrome for Android 67.0 +,
  • Android OS Version 4.1 + or Firefox for Android 63+
  • Samsung devices – Samsung Internet Browser 7.2-8.2 / 9.2 +
Once the image has been uploaded and accepted by the system it will be submitted for review.


If the photo isn’t clear enough, the ‘Document Not Found’ error will appear and you’ll need to upload anew image.
Once submitted, you will see a confirmation message while we review your information. You will generally receive a decision within day of it being submitted. This is all done automatically and you will receive an email once completed telling you that you can now log in and start using your card. 
If we are unable to verify your identify from the ID image your provide (for example if we can't read the details), you will be asked to upload ID for a second time. If this second attempt still fails, then a member of our team will review your information, this may take a few days. If they need any further information they will reach out directly to you. 

Once approved, you will receive a welcome email informing you that you can log in, access your PIN and start using the card.

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