Registration Step by Step Guide

The following provides a step by step guide to register for bYond. If you are a BT, EE, RBS or British Gas cardholder, then the website will look different, but the steps are the same. 

Go to the website shown on the letter that comes with your card, and click Activate now:

Enter your details on Step 1
  • First Name & Last Name
  • Card ID  - This is the 9-digit number printed on the bottom left of your card.
  • Last 4 digits /Claim code - This is the last 4-digits of the long 16 digit card number.
  • Date of birth - This is to ensure you are over the age of 16 which is the minimum age for this card.

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If you have received a virtual card, these details will have been sent to you in the original email you will have received.

Choose how you wish to receive your activation code:


You will only see both these options if the party who has provided you with card passed this information to us. Usually you will see email address which is the default method, however if you have SMS available, we recommend this as it is usually much faster. If you do not have either option available, please contact us. 

Enter the activation code you have been sent. This code will only last for 10 minutes. If you don't use it in time you will need to request another by clicking the 'Resend now' link. 


The code usually arrives within a few minutes, though please give it up to 10 minutes. If you continue to not receive the code, even after requesting it to be resent, please contact us so we can check the details we hold for you.  If you have requested the code by email, please make sure you check your junk folders as well.

Now create your online account. You will need to create a username, password and security answer. Depending on how you requested your activation code, you will also need to enter the other piece of contact information so that we are able to communicate to you about your account.

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Your username can be anything you like, but it must be unique. If you choose to use your card ID as your username, please bear in mind that if you were to be issued with a new or replacement card this will have a new card ID - however your username will not change unless you update it to the latest card ID. Therefore we recommend using an email or sometime unique to you.

If you received your initial activation code by SMS then this completes your registration process and your card is activated and ready to use.
If you have not yet received an SMS code to your mobile device, you will first need to complete this mobile verification step. Ensuring we hold up to date mobile numbers is critical so that you can access your online account using 2-factor authentication and can authorise any online transactions where you may be challenged under PSD2 regulations. Similar to the activation code, you will receive an SMS one-time passcode which you need to enter to verify your details. This code will expires after 10 minutes. 
Once complete, you registration is complete!

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Some customers may be required to provide additional verification of their ID via a document check of their passport or driving license. This is generally driven by the value being loaded to the card. Please see here for more details about the ID check journey.

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